Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen tips and tricks

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen tips and tricks

The thing that makes the Note different to Galaxy S is the S Pen. For the Note 9, it also brings a range of new functions, adding Bluetooth to the S Pen and charging it when in the Note, for a seamless experience. Here's how to wield the S Pen like a pro.

Launch the camera or another app with S Pen: New to the Note 9 are a range of remote control features and the camera is the target. Head into settings > advanced features > S Pen > S Pen remote. This will let you select an app to launch on a long press of the S Pen button. It's the camera by default, but you can select other apps.

Control the camera with your S Pen: Take super selfies without touching the screen, using the S Pen. A button press will take a photo, a double press switches between front and back camera. The S Pen settings above gives you all the controls.

Flick through Power Point slides or Gallery photos with S Pen: You can also use that remote control to leaf through Point Point slides or Gallery photos, ideal if you're making a presentation on your phone, casting to a screen, or just sharing photos with friends. Just press the button to progress through photos. Again, the settings are in settings > advanced settings > S Pen > S Pen remote to manage these options.

Unlock your phone using S Pen: We don't mean using it to tap in your password, but by pressing the button on your S Pen. Head into settings > advanced features > S Pen > Unlock with S Pen remote. This only works when the S Pen is out of the phone and connected, designed to wake the display if it goes to sleep in the middle of something. It will also depend on your security settings as to whether it will return to what you were doing or take you to the lock screen. 

Write notes on your lock screen: Just pop out the S Pen and start writing, without unlocking your phone. Just press the button on the S Pen to delete your scribbles when you make a mistake. Tap save to keep that note. Called "Screen off memo", head into settings > advanced features > S Pen and turn on this excellent feature. It will give you up to 100 pages of notes that can be saved. You can also choose to have it write in the same colour as your S Pen (if you have the Ocean Blue or Lavender Purple).

Choose what happens when you remove S Pen: Head into settings > advanced features > S Pen > when S Pen is removed. Here you have three action options for when the S Pen is removed - Air command, create note, or do nothing at all.

Customise Air command: Air command is the interface that pops-up for you to tap with the S Pen. To customise this, open Air command and tap the settings cog in that appears in the opposite corner. Here you can change the shortcuts, including to launch any app you have on your phone, or add in the useful Glance feature that's not included as standard.

Launch Air command if the icon has vanished: If you have the S Pen in hand, but the Air command icon has vanished or you've turned it off, just press the button on the S Pen as you approach the display and Air command will appear.

Highlight text with S Pen: Simply press and hold on the text you want to highlight. Or, press the button and tap the screen to select a word, or drag the selectors out to extent that selection.

Zoom in on a photo: In the Gallery, open a photo you want to look at. Double tap to zoom or touch with S Pen and press and hold the button to zoom by moving the S Pen. It's basically pinch zooming.

Have an alarm if you move too far from S Pen: To make sure you don't lose your S Pen, or leave it lying in a coffee shop, there's an option to get an alert if you move off and forget it. Head into settings > advanced features > S Pen > alarm.

Don't the the S Pen removal vibration or sound? Head into settings > advanced features > S Pen and you can turn off those sounds when removing or replacing S Pen.

Translate on the fly with S Pen: There's a translate option for S Pen. Simply remove the S Pen and from Air Command select "translate". Then go to your mysterious language text and hover over what you want translating. Using the control at the top you can select either a single word, or entire paragraphs.

Use live message to send custom gifs: You can write or draw replies to messages with S Pen and send the result as a gif. Simply pull out the S Pen when you've read a message and tap "live message" in Air Command. If the apps supports gifs, one will be created and sent as a reply. It works great in apps like WhatsApp.